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These unique benefits have made search engines the most powerful marketing tools in the world. Thousands of Malaysian companies are already enjoying the benefits of Search Engine Marketing, and so can you. Our job is to help you discover how Search Engine Marketing can be adapted to your unique situation, and to help you implement a strategy that will drive your ideal prospective customers to your website.


No matter how bullet-proof your business plan is, and how clever your product and sales material are, without access to a large market and a steady stream of qualified sales leads rapid growth is impossible. While traditional marketing techniques are limited by social and geographical challenges, Search Engine Marketing provides an unprecedented opportunity to quickly reach a huge target market, without the costly overheads.

Mass marketing is of course nothing new. Television and radio have always allowed companies with a large budget to generate exposure. However, the goal of a marketing campaign is to generate sales, something that depends on a prospect’s ability to respond to your campaign by taking action.

Most traditional marketing techniques simply involve delivering a particular message. However, because of the Internet’s ability to facilitate two-way communication reaching a person while online allows you to exchange information and lead the prospect directly into your regular sales process.

Because of its unique process and the benefits of direct Internet access, Search Engine Marketing gives you access to a series of unique advantages that no other marketing technique can provide.

Be a welcome guest
By responding to an expression of interest rather than pushing your own message on a prospect you are starting every new customer relationship on ideal terms.

Reach prospects when they are able to take action
Traditional marketing techniques like TV and radio practically always reach people when they are preoccupied with other things. By the time they are free to respond they have already forgotten about your message! Search Engine Marketing reaches your prospects when they are actively searching for products and information, and have the capacity to respond instantly.

Target your ideal demographics
Search Engine Marketing allows you to limit your initiatives to specific geographical areas or demographics. Why spend money advertising to somebody that you will not be able to service?

Reach prospects who are actually looking to make a purchase
A TV ad may reach thousands of people, but how many are ready to buy from you right now? A person who is actually searching for your product is much more likely to make a purchase.

Automatically qualify every lead
Search Engine Marketing allows you to limit your initiatives to specific geographical areas or demographics. Why spend money advertising to somebody that you will not be able to service?

By combining these unique benefits, Search Engine Marketing is one of the most efficient and effective ways that you can generate sales for your organisation.

Search engine marketing (SEM) is more than ROI. It’s an opportunity to build website traffic, brand awareness and a better online experience for consumers. If you build these, consumers will find you, and your business has potential to grow.

When it comes to spending your marketing and advertising dollars, search engine marketing (SEM) is one of the most cost-effective methods available. By leveraging off Creative5’s experienced and qualified staff, you will be able to maximise your business’ online revenue and quantitatively measure your campaign’s effectiveness.

Your campaign manager will be a Google AdWords Qualified Individual who will monitor your campaigns to ensure they are producing the best possible sales conversion rates.

By using advanced clicks-to-sales conversion tracking and extensive advertising effectiveness tools, our team is able to generate quality traffic to your site that gets you sales!

When consumers use search engines to explore products or services, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and organic search results appear on the page, streamlining the consumer’s search into one online experience. Why not incorporate your paid and organic search engine marketing into an integrated online solution? For truly optimized results, the SEM team at Nexus develops fully integrated strategies using both PPC advertising and search engine optimization services so consumers find you at the critical moment of purchase selection.

Whether you are using the Internet to promote your organisation or selling products directly to the public, the key to success lies in your ability to attract the right type and volume of visitors to your website.

Second only to email, search engines are the most popular service on the Internet. By instantly reaching nationwide and even global demographics, Search Engine Marketing offers a series of unique advantages, including:

Extreme Leverage: reach millions of prospective customers instantly
High Precision: reach specifically targeted demographics
Low Overheads: save money on printing, postage and distribution
Measurable Results: track how and why your prospects find you
Low Risk: avoid the costly pitfalls of traditional marketing techniques

While generating sales is the ultimate goal of every marketing campaign, the position of your website in search engine results can have a significant impact on your organisation in a number of other ways.

Finding your company should always be quick and easy, both for existing and prospective customers.

Ensuring that your details are always listed above your competitors’ will raise the credibility and prestige of your organisation.

The more people who know about your organisation the better. Even people who are not genuine prospects right now may become so in the future.

Brand Awareness
Repeatedly displaying your organisation in search results will reinforce your brand, regardless of whether users visit your website.

Most companies that provide search engine optimisation services rate their performance by the number of visitors they attract to your website, a figure that on its own is ultimately not of great significance.

In order for Search Engine Marketing to be truly effective you must attract the right visitors, people who are genuine sales prospects, predisposed to do business with your organisation, and who are ideally interested in doing so immediately.

Developing the right benchmark for measuring the effectiveness of your search engine strategy is essential, and working with one of our experienced web-strategist will prove invaluable in this process.

Creative5 has been fortunate enough to work closely with some of Malaysia’s most innovative and successful organisations, and over the years we have developed:

Extensive experience – using different search engine marketing techniques
Specialist knowledge – of internal search engine mechanics
Research capacity – allowing us to help you make well informed business decisions
Specialised tools – used to speed up the implementation of your strategy
Efficient processes – that allow us to deliver cost-effective solutions
In house technical capability – to avoid risks associated with third parties

Creative5 are specialists at delivering results driven search engine strategies. By effectively combining the resources that will ensure success for your organisation we have become the leading provider of Search Engine Marketing services in Malaysia.

It is a relatively well known fact that Google and most other major search engines change their rating criteria from time to time. For organisations that are now starting to use Search Engine Marketing the latest generation of changes has created fantastic opportunities.

Websites that have occupied top search engine positions for years are now being replaced by modern, optimised and highly relevant content. Naturally not everybody is excited by this news, but we couldn’t be happier.

The result for end users is great because they are able to find more relevant and up-to-date information. The result for you is even better as it gives you an unprecedented opportunity to take advantage of Search Engine Marketing and its many benefits.

The latest generation of changes to search engine ranking criteria has created a window of opportunity for new organisations to embrace Search Engine Marketing. However, the level of new competition is steadily rising, and eventually new companies will dominate the top rankings.

Search Engine Marketing is an industry where the principle of first in best dressed still largely applies. You must act now to ensure a great search engine ranking for your website, and while the cost of achieving a top ranking is still moderate, it will increase dramatically the longer you wait.

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