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Social media is a large-scale revolution in the way your customers communicate online. Potential buyers are communicating all over the web and in order to stay competitive, Malaysian companies must get involved in the conversation.

Research shows that Facebook grows an average of 14.35 percent per month. Meanwhile, Twitter’s staggering growth to more than 19 million unique visitors is an approximate 38.5 percent growth per month. With the recent social Web explosion, it’s no doubt that Web 2.0 is a phenomenon that is causing business owners to take notice; however, you may be wondering if social marketing is for you and, if so, how you engage.

The social media marketing team at Creative5 understands that not every client will find value with presence on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and YouTube. We work with each client to match need and comfort level with opportunity and platform.

Creative5 provides companies with social media strategy, helping them set objectives to leverage new ways of communicating with their customers and building their brand presence online.

Social media marketing options are endless. Whether you need custom widgets, iPhone applications, or a low-maintenance social media platform such as Wikipedia to rank high for Google results and enhance your SEO and SERP ownership, we will work with you to choose the best options. Some companies find building custom widgets or applications as providing major returns in terms of brand recognition or sales. Other companies prefer a low-maintenance, non-interactive social media platform such as a Wikipedia, which ranks high for Google search results and provides opportunities for SERP ownership and SEO. At Creative5, our social media marketing campaigns are designed around three guiding Practices: observe where consumers are online and what they’re saying, engage in online conversations and expand your client base.

It is important to assess your company’s unique needs before attempting to implement any social media marketing campaigns. Creative5 can conduct a full market analysis to make you aware of the market climate, opportunities and specific actions your company can take to get involved in the natural two-way conversation happening with your customers.


We can create a solution to meet your objectives :
» Competitive insights.
» Engagement opportunities.
» Company buzz marketing trends.
» Brand sentiment.
» Website traffic.
» Search engine opportunities (SERP ownership/SEO).
» Customer service needs.
» Product needs (product development opportunities).
» Public relations/crisis communications need

A social marketing campaign from Creative5 includes :
» A full assessment of your current marketing landscape.
» Recommendations for next steps in social marketing.
» Planned development, training and webinars.
» A monthly trend analysis.
» Access to a social marketing dashboard for ongoing monitoring.
» Channel content creation and development for social media profiles, content, videos, images, blogs, microblogs and bookmarks.
» Ongoing engagement and maintenance to grow your social media visibility.


We can geo target your social marketing campaign, connecting you with specific consumers who are searching for you in niche markets. With all this information readily available at the click of a mouse, the perception of your brand will improve and spread quickly and locally. It’s digital word-of-mouth advertising.

Social Media speech bubble on white background.

It’s natural
Unlike banner ads, or overly commercial ways of advertising, engaging your customers online and letting them spread your message for you allows your website to be exposed to large communities in a natural fashion.

Low cost and extremely high leverage
When communities and platforms are chosen correctly, the results can be exponential with avid supporters of your brand spreading your message for you.

It’s fast
The instantaneous nature of many of the social media platforms allow your company to disseminate it’s communication at a rapid efficiency.

Improve search engine optimisation
A well structured social media strategy should not only boost traffic to your website, but achieve improved search engine presence with increased number of people back-linking to your website.

There are many platforms to leverage when it comes to social media. It is important to understand which platform will provide the best result for your company’s objectives. These include :
» Social Networks (Facebook, Myspace etc)
» News (Digg, Reddit etc)
» Video Sharing Sites (Youtube, Google Video etc)
» Photo sharing sites (Flickr, Photobucket etc)
» Q&A Websites (Yahoo Answers, Wikianswers)


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